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Cork bowl

Tip #1 Decorating with Wine Corks

On a sunny day in Texas (and we get a lot of them), the sun comes through my front door and casts a beautiful spotlight on parts of my house. The entry way lights up like a candle and the path continues into my kitchen and living space. It’s only there for about an hour but if you catch it at the right time, it’s breathtaking.

The sun always hits this bowl of wine corks I have on a table in my living room. This beautiful image kicks off my new series Living Simple

Cork bowl

It’s no secret I love wine! But I find there is something beautiful about wine corks! It’s like a piece of art or a sculpture. To me, it’s like putting together a collage of photos or a collection of something important to you.

I also love the way wine corks can be used to bring the kitchen and living space together. It’s a great transition piece.

Cork bowl

I love the way the sunshine hits my wine cork sculpture (if you will). In some small way, it also reminds me of my honeymoon to Wine Country and it makes me smile!

Cork bowl

If you have a place in your home that shines brightly, make sure you enjoy the natural spotlight! It’s a good time of the day to reflect in the beauty of nature.

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