Creating a Watering Wine Bottle

Creating a Watering Wine Bottle

I’m afraid I am the ultimate plant killer! I love how plants look scattered around my home and yard but I am not great at keeping them alive. So when I saw this idea for Creating a Watering Wine Bottle to keep my plants alive, I jumped at it. Anyone who knows me knows I have plenty of wine bottles lying around:)

This is also a great way to reuse and recycle your wine bottles and corks.  I love the idea of repurposing something around the house.

I put together a simple video to show you how to make your own.

So again here’s how you do it…

Creating a Watering Wine Bottle


  • Soak the wine bottles in water overnight —  This will help get rid of all the wine in the bottle and make the labels easier to take off.
  • Remove the labels —  This will give your bottle a clean look and keep the paper out of the plant.
  • Fill the bottle with water
  • Put the cork back in — use a hammer or mallet to make sure it’s a tight fit
  • Drill a hole through the middle of the cork — I used a thick sharp skewer (you can also use a power drill to make this hole)
  • Test the bottle to make sure you are getting a drip of water out of the bottle
  • Place the cork side of the bottle into your plant and let it do its job!

Because of the slow drip, the wine bottle acts as drip irrigation.  It will water the root of your plants at a slow but steady pace.


You want to make sure the hole in the cork is big enough for the water to come out.  Keep in mind dirt will surround this cork so make sure the hole is big enough.  Test the bottle after a week to make sure enough water has come out to keep your plant alive.  

I’m so excited to have this idea to help me keep my plants alive.  And as I mentioned before, I also love the idea of reusing these bottles to celebrate Earth Day this weekend.!

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