Teaching Kids How to Use a Knife

Teaching kids how to use knives 1

For as long as I can remember, in his short six-year life, my son Cameron has always wanted to help in the kitchen.

Whether it’s peeling carrots, adding pasta into boiling water or cutting up veggies, he always runs to the kitchen asking “can I help”.   We are thrilled that he shows such an interest in the kitchen.  We love that he wants to learn more about cooking and how to put meals together.  It’s also helpful that he has a great pallet and is always up for trying new foods.

Despite his enthusiasm, we still need to be cautious in what we allow him to help with.  He’s been able to peel carrots or potatoes and use a butter knife to cut up his hot dogs.   But this holiday season I decided to pick up some of those kid-friendly plastic knives that actually cut up food and teach kids how to use a real knife.  I wanted to find something simple, so I found this Curious Chef 3-piece Nylon Knife Set (affiliate link).  And it works like a charm.

teaching kids how to use knives

Mark gave him a lesson in the kitchen the other day….

So the key is to teach your kids to keep their fingers turned under with the thumb tucked away.  This is a good lesson for adults too!

Teaching Kids how to use knives

Teaching kids how to help out in the kitchen is a lesson they will use for a lifetime!  I wish was this excited about food when I was a kid:)

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