Plant Obsession: It’s Growing

I have something to confess…I have an obsession. It’s a Plant Obsession and it’s growing, literally. My history with houseplants has never been good. I usually kill most of my plants pretty quickly. It’s always frustrated me because I love plants and didn’t understand why they didn’t love me back, until now.

Photo of several plants clustered together in my office.

Why a Plant Obsession

Let’s face it, plants are beautiful. Whether you have a modern or traditional style, plants blend in so well with the aesthetic of any space. I’ll get to the benefits of a plant in a minute, but when you look at the beauty of a real plant, it’s hard to decorate with fake plants. A few years ago, I couldn’t grow anything. It was highly frustrating not to be able to grow a simple houseplant. I did pick up some not-so-real plants because of that. But nothing can replace the beauty of a real plant.

Spider plant on my office desk

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are more than just beautiful. Plants can also provide a lot of health benefits that you may not have thought about.

  • Improve the air we breathe – There have been many studies that show houseplants can improve your air quality by replacing carbon dioxide with fresh oxygen. There have also been studies that show plants can remove cancer-causing chemicals from the air.
  • Plants can also improve mental health – Studies show we have better focus and memory when plants are present.
  • Reduce stress – Plants can also reduce stress. Taking care of another living thing can have many benefits including stress relief.
  • Help people to feel less lonely – Along with the stress benefits, taking care of something can help with loneliness. Having a pet or even a plant can help.
  • Sense of accomplishment – When done right, plants can help boost your feeling of accomplishment by watching something grow. I know how excited I get to see a new bud on a plant.
Plant in buddha statue

Best Places to Grow a Plant

So where should you put your houseplants? If you have a plant obsession like me, everywhere! If I have any sun at all, I am putting a plant there to grow. Sun really is one of the most important factors in where to put your plants. Some plants don’t need as much sun as others, but most will need a little. When you buy a plant, it’s important to get the information card that comes with it. It will tell you how much water and how much sun it will need.

Cluster of plants next to my kitchen table
Plant next to table behind couch

Creating a Cluster of Plants

I’m really into creating clusters of plants these days. Putting plants together helps to remember to keep them watered and attention. And if you believe plants are alive like I do, it gives them a buddy to be next to. It’s also really pretty to look up and see a sea of green in whatever room you have your plants.

Plant on table next to TV
Plant on side table
Plant hanging on door handle

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