Container Herb Garden

herb gardenI love planting an herb garden.  I just love the option of going out my back door and clipping some basil or rosemary.  But the last few summers have been rough on my herbs.  The summer heat in my backyard was way too hot (I get afternoon sun) and inside I couldn’t get my herbs enough sun.

So I decided to try something new this year.   I decided to incorporate my herbs into my front yard flower bed using decorative pots — this has created a beautiful container herb garden. 

rosemaryThere are many differences that I think will help me get through the entire summer with my herbs.  For one, my front yard gets morning sun.  It seems like the morning sun is much gentler on my garden.  This way my herbs will avoid the hot, afternoon sun.

I also planted these herbs in smaller pots.  I hope that will allow them to retain more water and not dry up.


Besides my rosemary, I also planted thyme in this blue pot.

mintMint has to stay by itself so it doesn’t take over the entire garden.  Mint can be a little wild.

gardenI never do an herb garden without basil.  It’s one of our favorite herbs and it smells so fresh.  We like it with some mozzarella cheese, a tomato slice and olive oil.   I’m also excited to try the garlic chives I planted in the same pot as the basil.

This is a great start to my herb garden and I like the way it blends in with my roses.  I hope to plant a few more herbs before the season is out.

What are you growing this summer?

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