What’s Your Sunday Morning Breakfast Routine?

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 101a

I love Sunday mornings (insert Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 here).  It’s not a day filled with errands or soccer games.  Sundays are a day to reflect about the week that just ended and  plan ahead for the next week.  For some reason there never seems to be any pressure on Sunday.  It’s the day set aside to spend and enjoy your  family.  For us,  Sunday morning begins with a nice big BREAKFAST!

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 055aSunday doesn’t even get off the ground without some nice hot coffee — in fact there isn’t any day of the week that doesn’t start with this.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 038aThen the kids jockey for position next to the pancake batter.  As you can tell my little man isn’t very patient when waiting for his turn at mixing the batter.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 042aThe pancakes hit the grill and we are off to the races.  The request is usually for two or three pancakes on top of each other with syrup.  The breakfast order is very specific when it comes from my daughter.  My son usually just wants what Sienna is having.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 076aMy husband and I usually just have what is left over.  In this case it’s pancakes for him.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 101aI went rogue and make one of my favorites….french toast.  I’m a fan of the cinnamon on top rather than the powdered sugar.  Fruit is also a must to balance out the butter and syrup.

Burnt Macaroni breakfast 073aBut no Sunday would be complete without the smell and taste of bacon in our kitchen.  And once the kids have filled their bellies with pancakes and bacon, Mark and I can sit down to enjoy our favorite Sunday show, the CBS This Morning Show.  Then we usually plan a nice long walk to walk-off the big breakfast.

What is your Sunday morning routine?  We’d love to hear!

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