Super Bowl or Bust (Literally)

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 013aWhat will you be eating on Super Bowl Sunday?  This is the one day we consume way more greasy food than we should!  But it’s also a day filled with tons of food traditions.  Whether it be wings, pigs-in-a-blanket or chips and queso, we all enjoy our Super Bowl treats despite the calorie and fat intake.  It’s predicted by the Calorie Control Council (didn’t even know we had one) that each person watching the Super Bowl will take in 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat in snacks alone — yikes.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 030aWings will definitely be on our Super Bowl menu.  But then again, so will a ton of other greasy food.  It’s actually a great day to use the excuse that it’s a food holiday so the calories don’t count.  Isn’t that what you tell yourself?

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 019aWe are also big fans of the pigs-in-a-blanket snack (with hot mustard of course).  This is one of our snacks the kids will actually eat.  Then again I don’t know a kid that doesn’t like a hot dog.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 011aI don’t know when I first tried these miniature quiche but I love them.  It can be dangerous considering the amount of calories in this little cup of food.

Burnt Macaroni - Super Bowl - Sunday brunch 015aSo whatever you decide to eat on Super Bowl Sunday, you should forgive yourself for splurging.  It’s nice to know there are some days of the year we can enjoy a few special food traditions, much like Thanksgiving.  But if you do indulge in these types of foods, follow a few simple rules:

1- Avoid eating a big meal on Super Bowl Sunday.  Try and save most of your daily calories for the game.  Eat lighter foods that will fill you up but not fill you with calories.
2- Keep up with your daily workout routine.  Make sure you burn a few calories before inhaling a lot more during the game.
3- Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water is always a good idea but it will be especially helpful between drinks.
4- Don’t feel the need to eat everything on your plate – This is the one time when not clearing your plate isn’t such a bad thing.

Whatever you do on Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy yourself (ignore the guilt).  After all it only happens once a year!

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