Sunday Morning Waffles

Sunday Morning Waffles

I have said this before but I love Sunday mornings! It always reminds me of the Maroon 5 song with the same title! It’s the most relaxing time of the week. And because of that we always plan for a big breakfast.

Honestly my favorite part of the day is getting up early, before the kids are awake, making a cup of coffee and sitting quietly with the sun rise. I’m sure all parents can relate to that all important quiet time!

This weekend we are having Sunday Morning Waffles! with homemade maple syrup and some fruit!

Sunday Morning Waffles

The batter for the waffles came from San Antonio. My fellow foodie, Kelli, brought these back from a recent trip.

This entire bag makes about 15 waffles — wow! I actually used some of the batter to make frozen pancakes — more on that later!

Sunday Morning Waffles

The homemade maple syrup came from Mark’s grandfather’s farm. This syrup was made more than 10 years ago. It’s real maple syrup and it’s soooo good. The reason it’s been around so long is because we only use it on special occasions. It’s a delicacy in our kitchen.

Sunday Morning Waffles

There is something so simple about Sunday morning!

I would always love sitting down with a big breakfast, a cup of coffee and the Sunday newspaper. Times have changed so now we enjoy our breakfast over the CBS Morning Show or listening to a little Adele on Pandora.

Sunday Morning Waffles

Serve these Sunday Morning Waffles with syrup and a little powdered sugar for added sweetness.

I hope your Sunday morning is filled with a little rest, relaxation and reflection.

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