Pizza Party!

Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 079aWhether you are 4 or 44 chances are you love pizza!  It’s a food that is cross-generational and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.  And it doesn’t have to be fancy — a regular cheese pizza can be at the top of your favorites list (it is in our family).  And who doesn’t like to make pizza.  Whenever I feel like my kids haven’t been in the kitchen in a while, I like to make something they can both participate in and pizza is the perfect dish!Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 013aWe like to make individual pizzas.  That way we can each add our own favorite toppings.  The kids stick with cheese but they enjoy doing all the toppings for the “adult” pizzas too!

Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 037aThe kids do all the work on this dish.  Actually I didn’t do anything to help.  After heating the pizza crust to give it a little crunch, they kids added the pizza sauce and cheese.  This one was made with pepperoni.

Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 062aAnd one of my favorites….extra tomatoes.  I actually really like this when served with all white cheese and garlic, but this was pretty good too.

Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 065aAfter about 15 minutes in the oven set at 350 degrees, my pizza looks like this!  Yum!

Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 092aWe really love making personal pizzas.  But I think my kids enjoy eating it more!

Burnt Macaroni Pizza Party 081aNow if I could only teach them to eat the crust!  It’s the best part but they won’t eat it.  I guess it means more for me!  Enjoy your family pizza party!





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