My Cold Remedies!

Brokerage videos JR - John part 2 055aIt’s been one of those weeks!  Picked up the sniffles and now all I want are the comforts of home!  It’s no fun being sick but there are some products that help make me feel better.  One is this Black Elderberry Syrup.  I’m not a doctor but this advice did come from my doctor.  She suggested taking a teaspoon of Black Elderberry Syrup when I feel the first signs of a cold and it will shorten the duration.  It’s day three and I am feeling better!

Burnt Macaroni - christmas gifts lemon water 065abMy other home remedy is warm water and lemon.  I have been using this lemon and water for several months now and it’s really comforting especially first thing in the morning.  If you want to read more about Why You Should Drink Water with Lemon read this!

Burnt macaroni - meatballs 120a

Finally I had to make a batch of meatballs this week!  It’s one of my favorite comfort foods.  There is something about meatballs that make you feel better.  If you want to make your own batch, check out my Meatballs and Homemade sauce recipe.  It’s great for a cold weekend!

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