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Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you are still enjoying the summer!  It’s been a little hot here, and not so enjoyable.  Looking forward to my favorite season….fall!  Today I wanted to share a few of my loves with you — so you can get to know me a little better.   There is nothing my family enjoys more than “Cheese Night”.  It’s just one of the “Things I love….”  
Burnt macaroni pesto cheese 157aFood 

Before we had kids, I think we had cheese and wine every Saturday night.  It was our go-to meal.  Mark and I would put a plate together like this and open a new bottle of wine!  I will always cherish our Saturday nights!  Now we try to do this with our kids and they really enjoy it too.  We’ll sit around the coffee table, watch some cartoons and enjoy our cheese — same thing right?
Burnt Macaroni panini maker 018aKitchen Gadgets

I had always wanted a Panini Press!  It was on my kitchen gadget list since I enjoyed panini’s in Paris tons of years ago.  So this year for my birthday, I got the Breville Duo Panini Press from some very special people in my life (you know who you are) and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I love panini’s, especially a ham & cheese panini…..hmmm now I’m craving a panini!
deocratingwthmirrorsPhoto courtesy: Traditional Home

I have decorating on the brain these days.  We moved into a new house in December and it’s still pretty empty.  I’m driving my husband crazy with decorating ideas.  One is to find a mirror for above our fireplace.  I love decorating with mirrors.  I think it’s mostly because of all the light it creates in the home.  I found some great ideas on the Traditional Home website.  I love this mirror with a side table.


modernfamPhoto courtesy: Modern Family/ABC

I am counting down the days to the new season of Modern Family!  This is my one go-to show when I need a good laugh.  I own all of the previous season DVD’s and will sometimes put one in and watch 5 episodes at a time.  This show proves that parenting is not easy, but a good sense of humor can get you through.  Modern Family will also start airing in syndication on the USA network in September! If you are a fan, test your knowledge with this Modern Family Trivia quiz!
Burnt Macaroni panini maker 019aFamily 

My family has been so supportive of me learning to cook and starting Burnt Macaroni.  But none more supportive than my dog, Mickey.  He is my buddy!  I work from home most days and he is always, always with me.  From sitting at my feet while I’m on the computer to catching scraps that fall in the kitchen when I’m trying to cook.  At ten he is starting to show his age a bit….but he hasn’t lost a beat!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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