How To: Saute Garlic

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We all know that garlic is one of the healthiest foods around.  But it’s not the easiest to saute!  Actually it’s one of those foods that if cooked too long — even seconds too long, can taste completely different.  I learned that the hard way.   While heating up garlic for garlic bread, I over cooked the garlic.

Burnt Macaroni - garlic bread 071aThis is why I am writing this post.  This garlic was sauteed in olive oil about 3 minutes too long.  So I decided to make sure you didn’t make the same mistake I made.   Trust me the garlic bread suffered for it.

Burnt Macaroni - garlic bread 075This garlic bread was bitter because the garlic was over-done.  So here are some tips on how to saute garlic the right way!

1- Make sure you know your stove.  A gas stove will cook it faster so you will want to be on low.  For an electric burner, have your temperature set to medium-low.

2- Use Olive oil to cook the garlic.  It will do the best in cooking off the rawness of the garlic.

3- Don’t walk away from the garlic.  It could take only 20-30 seconds to cook.    You will start to smell the aroma of garlic.   It will actually make your mouth water.  But if it starts to smell sweet or a burning smell — it’s overcooked.

4- If you are cooking garlic and onions together, always cook the onions first.  The onions can cook as long as you want them too.

5- If you are worried about burning the garlic, remove it from the flame after 30 seconds and let the olive oil cook the rest of it.

Burnt Macaroni - garlic bread 153aThis is what your garlic should look like if it’s cooked the right way.  I’ll share more about my garlic bread later this week!  I hope this helps!


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