Chocolate Layer Cake

I think there is something special about a simple dessert! It’s the embellishments that help to jazz it up a bit. That is what I love about this Chocolate Layer Cake! It’s a basic cake with basic icing, but it comes to life with a little color and pizazz!

I really wanted to create a tower cake with this recipe. I love the height of this cake. I also wanted for it to fit in my smallest cake plate.

I love the size of this dessert!

Can you imagine having several different cakes this size for a party? That would be beautiful!

To get this size, I used this 6 x 2 3/4 inch Springform Pan. It’s was perfect for my cake plate.  But because it was so deep, it took double the time to bake in the oven.

Using a bread knife, I cut the cake into layers. I first cut off the very top because the shape was not flat.  My kids enjoyed that slice with a little extra icing:)

I added icing in between each layer of the cake. I intended it to be a naked cake, meaning the outside was bare.

Once the icing was finished on the very top, I used some pink and yellow miniature roses, petals and some blueberries to decorate the top.

This was my first attempt at creating a layer cake. I hope to share many more ideas in the future.

It didn’t matter how perfect the cake decorating came out, my family enjoyed a surprise dessert in the middle of the week. That is enough for me!

Here’s what I used:
Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake Mix
Vanilla Icing
Pink and Yellow Roses and stray flower from the bouquet
Fresh Blueberries
Springform Pan. (affiliate link)
Blue Cheese or Cake plate

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