Rules for Boiling Food!

Rules for boilingI just recently found out something interesting about boiling food in water.  There is a rule to follow — some foods need to go into the water while it’s boiling — others need to start out in the water before it boils.  So do you know the Rules for Boiling Food?  potatoes in water

Here is the rule:

Foods that grow under water need to go into cold water first (not boiling water) example of these foods include:
– Potatoes
– Sweet Potatoes
– Beets
– Carrots

Food that grow above water need to go into boiling water to preserve the flavor- these include:
– Corn on the Cob
– Peas
– Green Beans
– Asparagus
– Broccoli
– Brussel Sprouts

eggs boilingSo what do you do about eggs?  Some people say boiling the water first can potentially crack the eggs — so you start off with cold water.   But I recently saw a study done on hard-boil eggs.  The difference came when the eggs were peeled.  Apparently when you boil your eggs in already boiling water, it’s much easier to peel the eggs.

Have you found any rules that work when boiling foods?

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