Back-to-School Simple Snack Ideas!


My kids are definitely “snackers”!  You know the type, they would prefer to snack on different foods than have a full meal.  So to get them all the nutrients they need to get through the day, I have opted to be more creative with all the snacks I give them at home and at school.

I made it a priority to start introducing healthier foods to my daughter who is an extremely picky eater.  I started with her favorites then started adding something healthy to go with it.  She loves peanut butter, so I started giving it to her on an apple.  Some of these ideas are straight out of the refrigerator but they are simple options that are also healthy.  So here’s a list of a few of our favorite back-to-school simple snack ideas that can also be used at home.


Some of our favorites include fruits and veggies!

-Apple slices with peanut butter

Frozen grapes, blueberries or blackberries

Strawberry slices

– Mini Baby carrots and ranch dressing

Ants on a Log (celery with cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins)




Then there are some protein and dairy options.

-Cheddar cheese and ham on a stick

-String cheese

-Ham roll ups

-Pepperoni slices

-Hard-boiled egg

-Yogurt drinks


And we can’t forget our favorite carb snacks!

-Peanut Butter and crackers

-Popcorn (also gluten-free)

-Mixed nuts


All of these snacks can also work as a lunch option for school. Mix it up a bit to include some protein, veggies and a sweet treat like dark chocolate or chocolate covered pretzels. Once you start introducing some healthy options with their favorites, you will see your kiddos expanding their palette and crave what’s good for them.


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