Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

Nothing says summer more than a nice fruity drink. But it’s not always convenient to make one of these Fruity Ice Cube Drinks at a moments notice. So the perfect solution is to freeze it!

I love making fruity ice cubes that I can use later when my glass of water needs a little flavor. These Fruity Ice Cube Drinks will help perk up your water and give you a healthy bonus too!

I also love that this ice offers two benefits — it’s a nice sweet alternative to your water and it keeps it cold longer.

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

I first started by grabbing and washing all the fruit I had in the house. I found strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

I separated the fruit into an ice cube tray. The strawberries needed to be cut into slices before I added the water. I froze the ice cubes for a couple of hours before I was able to use them.

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

This combination added the perfect fruity taste to my water. And the ice kept it cold for a while.

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

My next drink was a simple lemon and water. Every morning I wake up I squeeze a little lemon into some hot water. It cleans everything out of my system. You won’t believe all the benefits in drinking Lemon Water.

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

Lemon water is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day!

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

Finally, I pulled out my fun IKEA ice trays to make mint ice cubes. I cut up some fresh mint and filled these hearts with water before freezing.

If you grow mint in your garden, you know how fast this grows.  Making mint ice cubes is a great way to use up some of that mint.

Fruity Ice Cube Drinks

This drink was so cool and refreshing. I love the flavor of mint. This also works with carbonated water too.

All of these drinks are perfect for a hot summer day!

I also love frozen coffee drinks! You can find my recipe for Ice Cube Coffee here!

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  1. I love this idea, looks great especially for the summertime… got to stay hydrated and sometimes water can get boring… so I’ll be doing this to stir my tastebuds up a little : )

  2. Love your photography in this post! And also the idea of infused ice cubes is genius- I do that with my coffee (as in I freeze coffee into cubes) so I don’t dilute my iced coffee with water.

  3. These are the prettiest ice cubes ever! I love how much color they add to the drink as well as the additional flavors they provide!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE these ice cubes. I have some great silicone molds that I am going to do this in right now! Thanks for the idea!

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