The Best Cooking Playlists for Entertaining

Aside from a great recipe, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a great cooking playlist. I truly believe every meal or gathering should be accompanied by a wonderful music playlist. You know a great variety of music that fits perfectly with all you do in your kitchen. So I wanted to share my favorites with The Best Cooking Playlists for Entertaining collection on Spotify.

I have always said that cooking or entertaining should be an experience. Whether it’s through food, friends, drink or some good music. You should be able to feel the cooking experience and use all of your senses. My first playlist is The Best Cooking Playlist.

Click here or on the image to go directly to this playlist!

I’m also an 80’s geek so I love a good 80’s playlist. Here’s my 80’s Dance Party. 

I also love some soothing jazz music to listen to while eating or enjoying some after dinner dessert. If you like jazz you will love my Easy Jazz playlist.

And for those times when some calming music comes in handy, here’s my favorite Calm & Meditation playlist.

I love starting my day with a special morning routine. This Morning Magic playlist comes in handy for my mornings!

What I also love about Spotify is you can sign up for free and create your own account. And if you like my playlists, I would love you to hit “follow”.

And if you are looking for some great recipes for your next dinner, check out my Dinner recipes.

My Salad Pizza recipe is one of my favorites and it’s perfect for date night.

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