Breakfast for Dinner!

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My family loves Breakfast for Dinner!  Really who doesn’t?  It brings together the comforts of breakfast at a time when you can relax and not think about going to work or school.   And anyone who knows my husband knows how much we love bacon!  Bacon is always on the menu when we are planning a big breakfast or breakfast for dinner.  On this occasion my husband actually missed all the fun.  I usually like to make breakfast for dinner when he works late!

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As I mentioned, bacon is always on our breakfast menu!  And we prefer to avoid the grease and the mess and bake it in the oven.  It’s really easy!  We line each of our cookie sheets with paper towels and line up the bacon.  You can even put foil under the paper towels for an easier cleanup.  It’s less messy and it doesn’t take as long because you cook more at once.

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This is one meal where the kids really like to help.  We put on our pajamas and start stirring.

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We also like to set a formal table.   Breakfast is the perfect time to have fun with a meal.  So we treat it like it’s our “special” meal of the week and use the good plates and silverware.

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On our menu this time; bacon, pancakes (my daughter’s favorite), scrambled eggs (my son’s favorite) toast and grapes (it’s usually strawberries but I ran out.)

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Another successful dinner with the help of my kids.  This is a really fun meal and a good time with the kids.  I would by lying if I didn’t say I wish I could serve this every night!  What are your favorite go-to meals?  I would love to know!

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