Birthday Cupcakes!

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There is nothing my kids love more than cupcakes!  We have cupcakes for just about every occasion!  But there is nothing more fitting for cupcakes than a school birthday party!  I can remember growing up my dad worked for Sara Lee.  They had these frozen cupcakes and I brought them in every year.  I think my classmates started to rely on these frozen cupcakes.  Today it’s more about the fun of making the cupcakes and all the choices we have for toppings!  From icing to sprinkles to glitter (food glitter), it’s all about the toppings.

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The nice thing about making  cupcakes is that there is a job for everyone!  My daughter and son both always help with putting in the cupcake paper.  Then each gets a turn at the mixer!

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Then of course, they need a quick taste to make sure we did it right!

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This was for my daughter’s kindergarten class.  She choose blue and pink frosting (she is into blue right now).  So we selected both colors to take to her class.

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There is not much skill involved in making cupcakes out of a box, but my kids don’t know that.  I’m still their hero (they don’t really know that I don’t know how to cook) but that doesn’t matter to me or them!

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