Peppermint Bark


When I think about a great food gift idea for the holidays, I always think about Peppermint Bark. Peppermint Bark embodies the best of a holiday dessert … chocolate, vanilla and candy canes!

I have to admit this is the first time I had ever made Peppermint Bark — but honestly, it couldn’t have been easier!


And of course any excuse to buy a big container of candy canes works for me!


I double boiled dark chocolate and used that as my bottom layer. After about 30 minutes in the refrigerator, I double boiled the vanilla chips as the next layer.


Add the candy cane pieces while the vanilla chips are fully melted. This goes back in the refrigerator for another 30 minutes.


Cut it up and wrap it up and it makes the perfect gift for a holiday party!


I also love candy canes as a way to decorate your gift. Add a little candy cane to dress it up!

Peppermint Bark


  • 8 oz. Dark Chocolate
  • 1 bag Vanilla Chips
  • Mini Candy Canes


  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone liner
  • In a plastic bag, crush the candy canes into small pieces
  • Break up the dark chocolate and put in a heatproof bowl and set it over simmering water
  • Melt the chocolate, stirring until it’s smooth
  • Spread the melted chocolate over the non-stick liner to create an even rectangle, put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
  • In the meantime, double boil the vanilla chips until smooth
  • Evenly add the melted vanilla on top of the hard chocolate
  • Immediately add the candy cane pieces to the melted vanilla
  • Put in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, cut and serve

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