10 Essential Oils I Can’t Live Without!

Lavender spa
Lavender spa

There are few products that come into your life that are game-changers.  For me it has been Lancome, Starbucks and Fran’s Chocolates!  A new product has been added to my list…Young Living essential oils.  

I think we all want to go through life wanting to eat right, exercise and live a stress and chemical free life but when you find a product that can help in at least two of those categories, you jump at it!  And when you find something like that, you want to share.

I put together a list of 10 essential oils I can’t live without even though the list is much longer than 10!

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1- Lemon – Every morning I put 2 drops of lemon in warm water to settle my stomach before I start my day.  Here are a few more benefits of lemon and water.  I also use lemon or lemon oil to clean my microwave. 

2- Lavender – Every morning after I drop the kids off I put lavender in my diffuser.  It helps me relax and focus for my day.  I’m also more productive during the day.  I also use lavender in the kitchen if I have any mishaps — and yes this is often!

3- Thieves(blend) Once you smell thieves, you will also be hooked.  Thieves is a blend of oils that I use to clean my kitchen counters.   I also just purchased the thieves hand sanitizer.

4- Peace & Calming(blend) This is another blend that is great for calming down any situation.  I like to diffuse this in my kids diffusers when they go to bed.  This helps them relax before bed.

5- Melaleuca – Is also known as tea tree oil.  I use melaleuca when the critters are biting or for skin irritations.  Just last month, I put this oil on a few bug irritations and let the air get to it and it took the sting away.  I also put a few drops in my moisturizer to keep my skin soft.  This can also be used in shampoo!

6- Breathe again (blend)  When I’m feeling a little stuffed up, I roll this on my neck or chest to clear up my sinuses.  It has eucalyptus in it so it smells really good.

7- Peppermint – Who doesn’t love the smell of peppermint right?  I use this behind my ears or on my temples when my head is a little foggy.  I even used this in the past when I couldn’t get rid of ants in my garage.  Believe it or not, it works!

8- Purification(blend) I love purification as a cleaning agent.  I use it in my refrigerator to keep it smelling clean — here’s the recipe!

9- Abundance – (blend) This is one of those oils that makes you feel good about using it.  It promotes abundance and who doesn’t want abundance right?

10-Deep Relief – (blend) I use this blend for muscle relief — it soothes my muscles when I’m a little stiff.  I also put this on my temples when my head is really foggy.

Honorable mentions: Ylang Ylang (in the diffuser), Lime (for cooking and drinks), Basil (for cooking) and Harmony (for peace).

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And because it’s summer I want to share this great recipe that helps get rid of those pesky summer bugs!  Mix this all together and use when you go outside for a BBQ or the pool!

All Natural Summer Outdoor Spray Recipe

5 drops thieves essential oil

5 drops lemon essential oil

5 drops purification essential oil

5 drops peppermint essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

1 oz. Distilled water

You can use any spray bottle for this recipe.  Shake well and you are ready to go.

Have you ever thought about using essential oils?

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