Food Inspired Gift Ideas!

kitchengiftideasAs we officially start the holiday shopping season, I thought I would share my favorite food inspired gift ideas.  Some of these ideas are also on my wish list for this upcoming holiday! I really think giving a thoughtful kitchen gift is like giving a warm blanket — it gives you a good feeling inside, like you are honoring the heart of the family. I know corny right? But honestly I love getting kitchen gifts. I think it says that you care about what’s important to that person. Whether it be food or a drink, it’s a comforting gift. So here are a few that I like to get and give!

1. Blanket Stitch Napkin Set – I love cloth napkins. It shows that you are bit formal in your dining and when you monogram these it’s a nice personal touch. These are on sale for $11.99 – $20 for a set of 4 and you can choose your color.

2. Flirty Apron’s Women’s KENZIE Vineyard Dream Apron – Im a big fan of aprons, especially the aprons at Flirty Aprons. You can get one of these designer aprons for under $30! You can also get a mother/daughter apron set so you can help inspire your kids to cook. My daughter and I have a matching set and she loves it.

3. Riedel O Cabernet Glasses, Set of 6 with 2 Bonus Glasses – These glasses are very European. I love these glasses. It doesn’t get much better than Riedel for wine glasses. We have a few and it’s really fun to drink out of. These come made specifically for different kinds of wine. This set of 8 is only $72.99 with free shipping.

4. The Kitchen Diaries: A Year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater Hardcover. – I’m a huge fan of getting and giving books for the holidays. This book is on my Christmas list this year. I can’t wait to read this!

5. Williams-Sonoma Wine & Food Cookbook. This books is great for wine lovers. If you like to entertain, you probably debate what wine goes with the food your are serving. This book will help you pair wine and food. It also gives you some great recipes for a dinner party. This book is on sale for under $25!

6. Starbucks Christmas Blend – I love the Starbucks Christmas blend but it’s only around for the holidays. So if you want to give someone a nice gift, stock up on this Starbucks® Christmas Blend for only $7.95 a 1/2 lb bag. And when you buy 2 you get $1 off.

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