Mealtime Conversation Starters!

conversationnapkinsAre you planning a big holiday dinner this year?  Maybe you are thinking about a fall dinner party for the neighborhood?  If so you are probably inviting family, friends and maybe even friends of family and friends!  Chances are your dinner party or Thanksgiving dinner may have a few un-familiar faces sitting around the table. So you may be looking for some conversation help.  I found a few “conversation starters” that may be perfect for your upcoming dinner party.  And what I love about these, is that you can use them over and over again depending on your dinner guests.

This first one is from Custom Burp Cloths on Etsy.  These are handmade of natural linen and come in packages of 6!  You can also choose from 3 different colors.

Some of the questions include:
-How did your parents meet?
-What’s your biggest regret?
-What’s your favorite movie?

Here’s another fun napkin to place on your dinner table. Pop-Up Magazine is offering these napkins by Tucker Nichols. You get a set of FOUR “Topics of Conversation” Napkins. It’s almost like a piece of art. These are made of 100% cotton and machine washable.

Keep in mind if you are ordering for Thanksgiving, you must place your order by October 17th.

Here’s one even the kids can get in on. This Melissa & Doug Family Dinner Box Of Questions gives you 82 different conversation starters on durable cardboard. These are perfect for the holidays or even for your regular, evening dinner.

Always remember when you are ordering a handmade or specific item, give yourself enough time to get it ordered and shipped to your home!

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