IKEA Home for Hope Program ~ Makes me Love IKEA More!


I have always been such a fan of IKEA.  Several years ago we went to IKEA to update our dated, 70’s kitchen.  The experience was so wonderful, I would recommend an IKEA kitchen to everyone!  But it’s not their kitchen ideas or even their cool kitchen gadgets that moved and inspired me this week.


I recently found out about the Home for Hope program and IKEA’s involvement.   The idea is to feature a cardboard cutout of a homeless dogs inside the furniture showroom to help people visualize what a dog would look like inside their home.  This idea started in an IKEA showroom in Singapore.  IKEA worked with two animal shelters to highlight dogs looking for a permanent home.  The idea has become a huge success with several dogs finding homes.  In fact, the idea has made it’s way to our country and hopefully soon you will see these cardboard cutouts in your IKEA store.

Here are some more photos:



I have always been a dog lover!  Growing up we had one or two dogs at a time.  My mom volunteered in an animal shelter and we always heard about the sweet dogs looking for homes.   I love dogs so much still that I help  raise money for the American Dog Rescue Foundation through a television show I produce “America’s Best Tails”.    There is something so special about people who rescue a homeless dog from a shelter or off the street.  That is how we found our dog, Mickey, who was on the streets for 6 months.

Burnt Macaroni panini maker 019a

If you get the chance, stop by IKEA or any other furniture showroom helping to raise awareness about homeless dogs.  And visit Home for Hope online.  You can see how many dogs have found homes through this program!  And don’t forget to pick up the new IKEA catalog — it has some really cool kitchen ideas!  And if you want to design a new kitchen, you can get 20% off your kitchen at IKEA through August 24th!


Thanks to IKEA in Singapore for taking all these great photos!

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