Personalize Your Kitchen!

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 056aBurnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 056bI love the kitchen!  It’s the place we enjoy meals together, gather with friends and even share good and bad news.  I love my new kitchen.  It’s bigger than any kitchen I have ever dreamed of having.  So it’s been so much fun getting to know it better by personalizing it with things we love.  This is my favorite time of day in the kitchen.  It’s the middle of the afternoon and the only light is the sunlight.  It’s peaceful and quiet!

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 100bI’m such a fan of bringing the outdoors inside.  I love greenery around the kitchen.  My husband’s nickname for me is plant killer but I still try hard to keep my kitchen plants alive.  I also love orchids so when I get a new orchid, it usually has a place in my kitchen.

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 035bFruit and veggies provide a lot of color options for the kitchen.  Some people opt for lemons or limes to bring color into their kitchen but  I like the red color of apples.  It reminds me of my childhood when we went apple picking every fall.  And when you heat up apples and cinnamon on the stove, you feel like you are drinking apple cider and watching the leaves fall outside.  I love everything related to fall!

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 014bI think the kitchen is also a great place to show off some art work.  I love this painting of strawberries…it’s perfect for the kitchen.  Your kitchen is a reflection of you and your taste, so don’t be afraid to hang a nice painting or picture that you may not think to put in the kitchen.

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 006b I love adding  intimate lighting to every room in my house, especially the kitchen.  You need the bright light for cooking but sometimes it’s too bright for quiet, intimate settings.  I like to use a small lamp and candles to add intimate lighting in the kitchen.  It also makes a great nightlight.  This piece of china is also one of my favorites.  It was signed by Sarah The Duchess of York when I met her back in 2000.  It’s something I treasure from my time at Good Morning Texas.

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 022bA kitchen wouldn’t be complete without photos of the family.  The sides of my refrigerator act as my photo gallery of my kids now and when they were younger.  Putting the photos and personal notes on the side keeps the refrigerator looking clean.  It also helps you from knocking the photos down every time you open the fridge.  I like to remember the kids when they were babies, so I made photo magnets of different times in their lives.  This reminds me just how lucky I am.

Burnt Macaroni - kitchen cookbook 086bWe have a long way to go before we finish personalizing our kitchen.  We need paint, curtains, fabric cushion covers and a lot more.  So this is definitely a work in progress.  How do you like to personalize your kitchen?  I would love to hear your ideas!


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